7x romantic dining in Nijmegen

Going to a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, don’t we all secretly crave it? So, February 14th is the day to go for a nice meal with your love. Feel like pizza, fish, French cuisine, or sharing dishes? We present to you 7 tips for romantic dining in Nijmegen!


1. Bistro de Bok

In de Betouwstraat (number 14) there’s a nostalgic and cosy little restaurant; Bistro de Bok. You can choose from meat, fish, vegetarian options, and game. The amazing charcoal-grilled meat, the extraordinary service, and the friendly ambiance make Bistro de Bok a great go-to for Valentine’s Day!


2. MikMak

In the mood for shared dining during Valentine’s Day? Then go visit Eetbar MikMak! You’ll order multiple small dishes to share. It is true what they say: We aim for those nice flavours from diverse regions of the world.


3. Regent

Want a bite out of classical French cuisine? Then Regent is the right place for you. You can find Regent on the edge of Nijmegen’s centre (Hertogstraat 71). The ambiance is relaxed, the access open, and the wine menu extended. Come and let yourself be surprised!


4. Nibbles

For snacks from the Mediterranean kitchen, you can visit Nibbles. From Spain to Egypt, from pintxos to ceviche, from meat to fish. There’s something for everyone.


5. Desem

At Desem, they make dough, slow dough. Are you and your partner real pizza lovers? Then this spot is surely worth a Valentine’s Day visit. They make the most delicious pizzas in their wood oven!


6. Why not

Why not? That is the question you could ask yourself. In the kitchen, they have a Josper Grill, an authentic Spanish charcoal oven. This oven runs like a thread through their menu. Why not go and try it with the person you love?


7. Parkzicht

Situated on Kelfkensbos, across the historical Valkhofpark, is restaurant Parkzicht. Each month, they offer a new menu with surprising recipes. What it will be during Valentine’s Day... there’s only one way to find out.


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