7x furniture stores in Nijmegen

Have you been staring at a blank wall for years? Is duct tape holding your cabinet up? Or do you just love changing your interior every couple months? Then this list is for you! We have selected these fun interior decorating stores in Nijmegen. From brocante to design and from brand new to re-used. You can find all of it in the furniture stores mentioned below.


1. Deja Vu

At Deja Vu in the Houtstraat, interior is seen as an extension of who you are. So take your time to look at some furniture and try it out. Spread across four floors, you’ll find furniture and home accessories of over more than 100 different brands. The products here have a story, an extraordinary production process, a touch of humour, or are Fairtrade.


2. Het Heydenrijk

The old building on the Lange Hezelstraat, where furniture store Het Heydenrijck is located, is a sight to see. When you step in through the white columns, the relaxed vibe of the stoor will surround you. Inside you’ll find a place for robust, but also soft, rustic furniture and accessories. If you can’t find your way, the people here will gladly make time to help you out.


3. Housewolf

New in the Lange Hezelstraat is Housewolf. The store to be if you’re fond of a minimalistic and typically Scandinavian style. All furniture and living accessories are actually imported from Scandinavia. Besides a fun vase or nice rug, you can also go here for your kitchen or bathroom.


4. Vivre Interieur Authentique

When you’re looking for a new couch or table, while also focussing on sustainability, Vivre is perfect for you. Located just outside the city centre, the store recycles antique furniture and gives them a second, third, or even fourth life! You’re guaranteed to leave with something unique.


5. De Museumwinkel

For a true eyecatcher in your home, you should go to the Museumwinkel in the Van Welderenstraat. People from the entire Netherlands and Europe visit the store, meaning its products are really something. What’s this special thing? Beautiful decorative butterflies, insects, birds, and other stuffed animals. Besides that, they also have minerals, jewellery, bell jars, skeletons, skulls, and fossils.


6. Homestock

At Homestock, in the Marikenstraat, you’ll find a mix of interior styles. Design, industrial, vintage, and everything in between. Something can be found for every budget. While walking through the store, the dynamic presentation and original combinations will surprise you. You’re guaranteed to leave with your mind brimming with inspiration.


7. Het Goed

Do you keep a motley collection of furniture at home? Or do you like to touch up a stool or old cabinet yourself? Then go snooping around thrift store Het Goed, just outside Nijmegen’s city centre. For a soft price, you can pick up a nice mirror, cabinet, or other accessories.

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