7x discovering art in galleries and expositions

Nijmegen is filled with many expositions, podia, and galleries. So there’s always a place to submerge in culture and experience art. Discover the latest expositions and let yourself be inspired. You certainly shouldn’t miss these spots!


1. Gallery Zeven Zomers

People of Nijmegen who walk along the Marikenstraat, might have stumbled across number 50, Zeven Zomers, a gallery for contemporary art. Something notable catches your eye in the window. As though you’re pulled by a magnet, it draws your eye. Feel free to step inside. The hospitable owner Eelko van Iersel is happy to receive you.


2. Galerie Marzee

Galerie Marzee was founded in 1979 by Marie-José van den Hout in a small gallery space on Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen. In 1995, she moved to her current location on the Waal riverbank. It was then, and still is, the world’s largest independent gallery for contemporary jewellery, spanning 850 m2.



RUIS is a space for contemporary art in which experimentation is key, but also offers a platform for artists to meet each other and talk about artistry, outside of the closed walls of art schools. RUIS is not just a place where expositions are made, but they also organise thesis discussions, performances, or democratic conversations!


4. Gallery Bart

Gallery Bart is original, has guts and ambition. The gallery’s goal is to promote and sell the work of Dutch taught artists on the (inter)national market. The painters, photographers, performance artists, installation artists, and video artists often graduated in the Netherlands and are characterised by their fresh outlook on the world. Galerie Bart promotes work from up-and-coming talents and established on national and international art scene.



POPOP is a stage where autonomous (artistic) expressions are made visible. In essence, it functions as a place for experimentation; a place to develop yourself and a stage to showcase what you stand for as an artist/creator. Independent from subsidies, POPOP chooses a nomadic existence and does what it can to support artists and their initiatives with their space.


6. Singular-Art

But especially, don’t miss out on Singular-Art! Singular-Art is a gallery for contemporary art, located on a beautiful site on the Waal riverbank. The gallery presents one work per artist at a time, with a maximum of five to six artists in the space, which creates a dynamic and cultural environment. Around these few works, interesting events, such as readings and performances, are organised.



Since 1944, POST has been a platform for contemporary visual arts. Situated in the former Paraplufabriek in the city centre, Expoplu showcases Dutch and foreign artists and offers room for experiment, engagement, and collaborations. The investigative approach of the curators and organisers is key for the varied programming in which interaction between visual art and other disciplines is front and centre.

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