Expat life in Nijmegen

In the series "Expat Life in Nijmegen", expats talk about their lives in the Netherlands' oldest city. How did they end up here? What do they do in daily life here and what do they think of the city and its surroundings? 

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Start in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has a lot to offer in terms of studying, working and business. The oldest city in The Netherlands is also one of the largest student cities in the country. The city presents itself as a leading global player in solving social issues and problems. With its significant position in the Health & High Tech sector, Nijmegen belongs to the international top when it comes to improving the quality of life, healthcare and the development of high-quality technology for various social applications.

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New in Nijmegen?

The expert team at Lifeport Welcome Center is here to guide everyone moving to the Arnhem-Nijmegen region to join the Lifeport innovation network. Our highly skilled staff can help you through the entire process of relocation. We offer in-house one-stop-shop services for governmental procedures, as well as various programs that provide support in legal, professional, family, social and other matters in this process. Special events and courses are also organized to help you understand different aspects of living and working in the Netherlands.

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