7x student pubs to have a night out in

Student life is all about partying until the wee hours of the morning! Nijmegen is full of student bars where you and your fellow students or friends can go out, so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to locations to spend the last hours of the day. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve selected a few for you:

1. Café van Rijn

Located in the Molenstraat, Café van Rijn is an atmospheric café where you’re sure to have an evening you won't forget. Surrounded by students, you can dance and sing along with the best songs until the wee hours. You can also go here for an afternoon drink, which can easily transition into an all-night-long drink in this café! Spinning a gameshow wheel is a must at Café van Rijn – if you’re feeling lucky, give the wheel a spin.

2. Café De Fuik

Enjoy buckets full of cocktails and good beers at Café De Fuik, located in the Eerste Walstraat. In this student café, you can party until the early hours of the morning. Young or old, it doesn't matter, you are always welcome here! But you can always find students here, with whom Café de Fuik is very popular. Who are you taking with you to do shots here?

3. Bascafé

For over 15 years, Bascafé in the Betouwstraat has been offering a great night out. Tuesday night has been one of the busiest days at Bascafé, so make sure you save Tuesday in your diary! They put their guests first, so you won't feel forgotten in a corner. Fancy a game? Ask for the Crocodile.

4. Bar 2

Bar 2 is run by a group of friends who wanted to turn Bar 2 into a real student café – and they definitely succeeded. Bar 2 is popular among students and the parties here are unforgettable. With up-tempo party music of various genres, you can really let loose here.

5. Eetcafé Professor

Recently, Eetcafé de Professor was opened in the Hoogeveldt student complex, where Café Piecken used to be. Owner Eshref Jerjis will organise regular party nights here and he wants to rent the café to study and student associations. A real student hot spot! You can come here for lunch and dinner too, making it a versatile and cosy café.

6. Café van Buren

Here you have all the space you need to dance the night away! Café van Buren is a real student café: they know how to give students an unforgettable evening. You will find Café van Buren in the Molenstraat, a busy but nice street to go out on. Feel like starting early? Café van Buren has a very large outdoor seating area where you can have delicious drinks beforehand.

7. Café TweeKeerBellen

Café TweeKeerBellen in the Betouwstraat has been a household name among students for years. Beer bingo, a metre of beer, DJ night; there’s plenty to do (and buy) here. Whether they’re famous or forgotten, all hit songs get their turn. Feel like singing along for an evening at Café TweeKeerBellen?

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