8x creative hot spots in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is home to a lot of creative hot spots: there are cultural and artisanal companies all over the city. Whether it is an old factory, a silk mill or the former Doornroosje, interesting parties meet everywhere.

1. Honigcomplex

The Honigcomplex, located at the former Honig factory in Nijmegen, is now a hot spot for cultural and artisanal businesses: Nevel, for example, brews beer, and the Oersoep brewery has replaced the broth kettles in the old Honig factory with brew kettles. You can also try out culinary masterpieces at the Meesterproef, browse bicycles or play a game of beach volleyball. View all companies in the Honig complex here.


The NYMA site is a big creative hot spot, because it includes, among others, the skate hall Waalhalla, the monumental water tower with the letters NYMA on it, De Vasim and its the outdoor area, the area around De Vasim, the area under the arches of De Oversteek and the event site behind NYMA next to Waal river. The municipality of Nijmegen is in the process of developing the area, but you can still do business there, visit the site or organise something.

3. Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim

Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim is an artistic and cultural breeding ground on the NYMA site. De Vasim can be found next to the town bridge De Oversteek and is located in the factory hall of NYMA, a former silk mill. Nowadays, NYMA is a spot with various studios, workshops, offices, and storage space for artists and cultural organisations. It also regularly hosts concerts, performances and festivals. Are you curious about NYMA? Take a look at their calendar to see what’s planned.

4. Paraplufabrieken

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63a used to be home to the world-renowned Dickmann's Umbrella Factories. The factory and accompanying house were squatted in 1984, bought by the squatters in 1995, and subsequently used for both housing and workshop purposes. Nowadays, you’ll find all sorts of shops and restaurants there – and you can also live here. There’s also an artists' centre with an exhibition space: Platform POST (formerly Expoplu).

5. Hubert

You don’t have to be in the city centre to encounter art, culture, and entertainment – the NYMA and Honig sites are proof of that. Another cultural hot spot outside the city centre is Hubert, located in the Hazenkamp district. Located just ten minutes away by bike, this industrial area at the Sint Hubertusstraat is home to plenty of things to look at and participate in for both creatives and the general public.

6. Splendorfabriek

With approximately 500 workers, the Splendor light bulb factory on Sint Annastraat was one of the largest industrial employers in Nijmegen back in 1939. Incandescent lamps, radio lights, car lamps, and Christmas lights were all manufactured here. The old Splendorfabriek still embodies those industrial times and is a popular workplace for entrepreneurs in the arts and cultural sector. This makes the factory an inspiring and approachable meeting place for creative entrepreneurs. Some of the companies you can find here are: De Kantine, Proud Nerds, Byron, De Yogaplaats, Meubelmakerij van Mameren, and many more!

7. Houtwerf

De Houtwerf is a spot where entrepreneurs seek to connect with each other. Creativity, art, design, craftsmanship, innovation, social involvement, and sustainability – that is what De Houtwerf is all about. Eat and meet at Plek, get your bread at Bakkerscafé Dé Bakkerij or get advice at Pedaalkracht. Curious which other companies are there? Take a look at dehoutwerf.online.nl.

8. De Basis

De Basis (formerly Doornroosje) is a creative and musical hot spot: a place for young, enterprising musicians to work together and advise and/or inspire each other. Touring foreign bands stay in the artists’ hotel and there’s plenty of room for talent development. In other words, De Basis is where everyone in music comes together.

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