12 places to eat ice cream in Nijmegen

When the sun starts shining again, the various ice cream parlours in Nijmegen are crowded with people. From vanilla to lemon and from chocolate to mint: there’s a lot of ice cream out there, and a lot of parlours. You’re sure to score some delicious ice cream at these locations:

1. Bloem ice coffee & more

You can find Bloem ice at the Stikke Hezelstraat 2! Their ice cream is made using traditional ice cream machines and real cream. They have many flavours of sorbet ice cream as well as vegan and sugar-free ice cream.

2. IJssalon Vincenzo

Vincenzo is a well-known ice cream parlour in Nijmegen, located on Koningsstraat. When the sun starts shining, a line of ice cream lovers will zigzag across the Koningsplein.

3. Chocola Belga

Ice cream parlour Belga has no less than two locations in the city centre. Both of them offer ice cream every day, made using fresh milk from local farmers.

4. Onwijs Lekker IJs

At Onwijs Lekker IJs, located in the Honig complex, you can buy delicious and sustainable ice cream, with fairtrade, allergen-free ingredients, and no added sugar.

5. Heldro IJS

Heldro Nijmegen makes fresh scoop ice cream right in front of you! Choose a flavour and one of their popular toppings: hot chocolate, caramel or cherry, nuts, M&Ms, sauces or fresh whipped cream.


Besides sitting down at PUUX in their outdoor sitting area or indoor garden and eating a nice breakfast or lunch, you can also get delicious scoop ice cream here.

7. Strik Chocolaterie & ijs

The doors of Strik Chocolaterie & ijs at Waalkade 51 are open every day. They carry a wonderful and especially delicious assortment of artisanal ice cream – from cream flavours like Bossche bol and tompouce to delicious sorbet flavours like chocolate and mango.

8. BUUV.

Are you taking a stroll around the Goffertpark while the sun is shining? Then stop by BUUV. They sell ice cream from Bloem ice coffee & more as well as fruit ice cream from Onwijs Lekker IJs.

9. Holt

Enjoy delicious ice cream sundaes, iced coffees, milkshakes and many more at Holt during ice cream season. A lot of ice cream lovers, who usually visit Prikkels, are definitely excited to stand in line here.

10. IJssalon Ghiani

You can find this super good ice cream parlour in eastern Nijmegen! Their many changing flavours and up to 10 vegan varieties set IJssalon Ghiani apart from a lot of other parlours!

11. Banketbakkerij-Chocolaterie Looijenga

Besides the most delicious cakes and pastries, you can also get very good ice cream at Looijenga, located at Berg en Dalseweg 90. Do you get your Looijenga ice cream on a cone or in a tub?

12. De Engel

Fancy some Italian ice cream? Go to De Engel! Take a seat on their outdoor seating area and enjoy your ice cream in the sun.

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