8x flexible workplaces in Nijmegen

Feel like working somewhere else than your home office, away from the same four walls you keep staring at? Then flexible office spaces might be a solution. Most flexible workplaces have all the facilities you need. Need some inspiration? Here are some flex workplaces in Nijmegen:

1. Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent

A great location to work, because it’s a 1 minute walk from Lent Station and you can park for free. Besides, Van der Valk is a very beautiful location to work – something more interesting to look at than your office walls. You’re welcome in the restaurant, in Lola's Bar, and the outdoor seating area for breakfast, lunch, drinks, dinner and of course to work, every day of the week.

2. Hotel Nimma

Hotel Nimma is a spot where people come together to eat, work, have a drink or spend the night. Work at your leisure in the warm and pleasant atmosphere created by the hotel. Need some extra energy to start the day? Have a nice healthy breakfast or a delicious coffee in their restaurant. You can find Hotel Nimma on the Weurtseweg, just outside Nijmegen’s city centre.

3. PUCK Specialty Coffee

PUCK Specialty Coffee is located right in the centre of Nijmegen. Work at your leisure surrounded by lovely people. The tables in the back have a sign with a laptop on them, so you know exactly where to sit. The coffee here is made with love and attention, so if you feel like having a coffee before or during work, go to PUCK!

4. Bhalu

Bhalu, located in the Bloemerstraat, is the place to relax and work. Bhalu lets you hang out, talk, laugh, and share knowledge with other people. Bhalu also has a lot of decorative plants, making you feel like you’re working in the middle of the countryside. In between work, you can also enjoy a cuppa or a tasty lunch. Plus, they also give yoga lessons here! Isn't that the perfect way to go home without any stress?

5. Fika

Fika has a special flex workplace where you can work in comfort, completely free of charge and without advance booking. Very flexible indeed! Plus: you can enjoy and order from the menu of this coffee bar. You can enter Fika Kantoor via Fika Kiøsk in the Van Broeckhuysenstraat.

6. CoffeeLab

CoffeeLab is centrally located in Nijmegen: you can walk straight in from Nijmegen Central Station. Their menu is filled with good coffee, home-made dishes, and breakfast all day long. Oh, and don’t forget the good drinks, local beers and cocktail snacks! A workday has never been this good.

7. LUX Nijmegen

LUX is an atmospheric and hospitable meeting place in the centre of Nijmegen. Everyone is welcome here, including flex workers. In between working, you can order coffees and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tip: you can use your IntoNijmegen lunch voucher here!

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