6x entrepreneurial clubs and institutions in Nijmegen

Are you an entrepreneur and are you looking to expand your network, gain inspiration and grow your business? One of these entrepreneurial clubs and associations might be great for you!

1. Businessclub Nijmegen

Businessclub Nijmegen (BCN) has existed for 20 years. BCN is an active club of entrepreneurs who trust in each other's abilities and genuinely want to help each other progress: this is where ideas are exchanged, connections are made, and experiences and networks are shared. Their members meet every first Tuesday evening of the month at a different location. Besides a snack, some drinks, and good conversation partners, BCN organises activities that vary from a company visit, laughter therapy, playing games or increasing marketing and sales insights. BCN has about 30 members and is open to new ones. Contact them here to participate in one of their meetings without obligation.

2. Ondernemersvereniging Waalsprong

The Ondernemersvereniging Waalsprong wants to look after the interests of all connected entrepreneurs in the broad Waalsprong (Nijmegen-North, Lent, Oosterhout, Slijk-Ewijk, Ressen and Bemmel). They develop visions, comments, and actions for subjects and policy areas that are relevant for these entrepreneurs. The association's efforts are aimed at creating the best possible business climate for its members. By means of (administrative) participation in organisations, lobbying, and contacts with the media, among other things, they exert influence on municipal, provincial, and other policymakers and implementers. In addition to these efforts, there’s also room for relaxation, meeting each other, and doing educational or informative work. Are you interested? Leave your details for the Ondernemersvereniging Waalsprong here.

3. Nijmeegs Ondernemerscafé

Nijmeegs Ondernemerscafé is a large network of entrepreneurs located in Nijmegen, focused on networking without any fuss. Every first and third Friday of the month, entrepreneurs from Nijmegen meet here from 5pm to 7pm while enjoying some drinks and snacks. This is a great opportunity to network in an accessible way and be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs. The Nijmegen Ondernemersafé has a lot of different kinds of members: service providers with all sorts of backgrounds, but also real estate entrepreneurs, event organisers, politicians, cultural entrepreneurs, artist agencies... and much more! Are you curious? You can register here

4. Jong MKB Nijmegen Arnhem

Jong MKB Nijmegen Arnhem is a network of entrepreneurs that has existed since 1999. Have you been active with your company for a while? Do you want to learn from the experiences of others and exchange ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Eleven times a year, inspiring, active entrepreneurs meet for a workshop, presentation, company visit or clinic. You can meet entrepreneurs with the same interests as yours, who’ve run into the same issues as you, creating a space where you can help each other out. At Jong MKB, you can find everything you need to make your business successful and to develop it further. Their over 65 members are active in various branches and professions. You too can become a member if you’re self-employed and started less than seven years ago.

5. NUL24

NUL24 is a dynamic business club in Nijmegen that started in 2001 and has around 75 members. Entrepreneurs meet at NUL24 to share knowledge, exchange contacts, and inspire each other. The club exists to foster both business and personal contacts that’ll contribute to the long-term success of your company. It’s the place to expand your network and get to know the members personally in an informal atmosphere. As a member, you’ll be involved in the club through, for example, a company visit or the opportunity to present yourself at an event. Sign up for a membership here!

6. Ondernemers in Bedrijf

Ondernemers in Bedrijf is spread over 12 regional clubs, including Nijmegen. It’s a network club for entrepreneurs who believe in entrepreneurship. They offer tools to help you and your company grow through events, workshops, and meeting a large group of like-minded people. The events here (almost) always take place at members' homes. This way, they get the chance to show why they put their heart and soul into entrepreneurship and you can have a great evening. The evenings are always combined with a networking element – in the form of, for example, a networking game, a seminar, a joint activity or a drink. You will be at a different location each time, but still in your own region. Curious about the memberships? Read more here!


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