Parking in Nijmegen is easy, because our city is equipped with many locations to park your car. There are different rates for each part of the city. For cheap parking at a distance, you can also go to a transferium. All information on parking can be found here.

Tips for free parking

Nijmegen has lower parking rates than most large cities in the Netherlands. Some tips here about how to park the cheapest:

  • Use mobile parking
  • Park in a parking garage in the evenings (€ 0,50 per hour)
  • Park cheaper at the Transferium
  • Simply catch a bus or (rented) bike

In Nijmegen it is possible to rent an Ovelo bike for only € 1,00 per hour (€ 7,00 per day). When parking your car at P+R North, you even get the first hour free on bike rent. Read on if you wish to park your car in front of your inner-city destination after all.

Parking spaces in Nijmegen

There are plenty of parking spaces in and around the centre of Nijmegen. Do you quickly want to learn where to park in Nijmegen and at what rates? Check the links below and have a look at the map.

  • Parking lots and P+R plus rates
  • Parking lots and rates
  • Street parking

Real-time information! Check real-time how many places are available at each parking lot and parking garage in Nijmegen.

Cheap evening rates at parking garages

From 6.00 p.m. there is a flat rate of € 0,50 per hour in parking garages Keizer Karel, Kelfkensbos, Mariënburg and Eiermarkt, and on parking lots Julianaplein, Waalkade event terrain and the Joris Ivensplein. In short: cheap rates every evening in the Nijmegen parking garages.

Parking for the disabled

Parking for the disabled is mostly free in Nijmegen

Are you disabled and in possession of a disabled parking permit? That means you don't have to get a parking receipt at most parking machines. Do make sure that your disabled parking permit is clearly visible behind your windshield.

When do you pay for a disabled parking space?

Only in the parking garages and on parking lots that are closed off by a gate, it is obligatory, because of the technology, to pay, even if you are in possession of a disabled parking permit. Of course, these locations will have parking spaces that are easily accessible.