Nijmegen: Best European Youth Destination

The EDEN Network of the European Commission and the famous publishers Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler have named Nijmegen as one of the 10 best European destinations in 2022. Nijmegen has also been named the best European destination for young people! The destinations were selected on the basis of their cultural and tourist offerings as well as their quality of life and sustainable development. Nijmegen is the only Dutch destination selected this year. 

"A large number of students, countless events and festivals, unique hotspots and cosy restaurants ensure an unprecedented liveliness in Nijmegen. Put your feet in the sand on the city beach at the river Waal, or relax on one of the many terraces. A large selection of both chain shops and small and unique specialty shops make your Nijmegen experience complete, whether you are here for a day or a whole weekend. And don't forget to have a bite to eat and a drink in one of the many restaurants and cafés." according to the EDEN Network.

Old City, Young Vibe

The oldest city in the Netherlands is bursting with energy! In other words: Old City, Young Vibe. Whether it is an evening of drinking, sniffing up culture, shopping in the oldest shopping street or nature. Nijmegen has it all. Within walking distance. From the city centre you can be among the Konik horses in the Ooijpolder within 15 minutes. Nijmegen is surprising and innovative!

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"Nijmegen has been named the best destination in the Netherlands to visit and is often recommended as a great city to settle down, start a start-up or set up a professional or personal life project. With one of the best quality of life in Europe, Nijmegen is establishing itself as a must-see destination in Europe."

The Times:

"This Gelderland hub close to the German border is a hero in promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle."

Why you should visit Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands, as many people know. But did you also know that Nijmegen has the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands? Or that the Waal city has the highest density of terraces in the country? Moreover, with the Four Day Festivities, the city hosts the largest event in the Netherlands. An old, but above all vibrant city.

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