7x spots to find tour guides in Nijmegen

1. Stichting Gilde Nijmegen

Gilde Nijmegen employs about 60 guides – all of them ready to lead you around historical sites, works of art, and natural beauty in Nijmegen. They organize walk-in tours you can join without registering for them on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, but there are also plenty of tours available on request. Choose a walk where you’ll learn more about the post-WW2 reconstruction of Nijmegen or walk along the Roman-built water pipes!

2. Nijmegen Running Tours

Do you prefer more intensive tour walks? Discover Nijmegen as a running city with a tour of Nijmegen Running Tours! You can walk them at your own pace with plenty of time to catch your breath at the important sights. Plus, you can walk through Nijmegen’s beautiful natural surroundings – not just the city. Nijmegen Running Tours also offers tours by bike or scooter!

3. Door Nijmegen

But you don’t have to explore Nijmegen on foot! Door Nijmegen doesn’t just offer city walks: you can also choose a guided bike tour. Bike through Nijmegen’s past and present or discover the Ooijpolder’s picturesque surrounding by bike.

4. Cicerones

Cicerones’ goal is keeping heritage alive by talking about it – and they really achieve it with their professional guides. Discover Nijmegen with a guided walk or a culinary walk through the historic city center (spanning the entire evening).

5. Vagebond

Vereniging Vagebond is dedicated to helping people whose regular way of life has been disrupted, focusing on homeless people. View Nijmegen through the eyes of the homeless with their guides. They’ll lead you along the lesser known paths of Nijmegen; every walk is unique because of the guides’ personal stories.

6. VVV Nijmegen

VVV Nijmegen’s city guides will lead you to Nijmegen’s sights, restaurants, museums, stores, and parks. These experienced locals can tell you everything about the history, cultural heritage, and contemporary life in and of Nijmegen. Would you like to learn more about the various Roman remains in the city center, delve into the story behind the remains of the Second World War or would you rather seek out parks and forests? There’s something for everyone at VVV Nijmegen.

7. GelreTours

Looking for a themed walk through Nijmegen’s city center? Try one of GelreTours’ walks! GelreTours offers walks centered on Street Art, the Second World War, and women from Nijmegen – but you’re also in good hands if you just want to see the highlights.

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